Booking terms and conditions

Please read our terms of lease carefully in order to be fully informed of your rights and obligations. With your registration, these conditions become the basis of the agreed lease contract between you and us. Confirmations, original and copy, will be sent to you for signing by the holiday rental agency

Payment: Closure of lease, advance payment is agreed, no later than 3 days after the agency receives the contract signed by the customer. The remaining amount must be paid upon arrival at the property or as stipulated in the contract signed by the customer.  The remaining amount must be paid on arrival at the property or as stipulated in the contract. Late payments and non-payments count as cancellation and this entitles the agency to rent the property elsewhere and demand compensation as stipulated in the lease.

Type of services: the services offered by the intermediary, villa rental agency, is solely between the client, their companions and the landlord. The contract and billing are made for the owner, landlord or manager – who henceforth will be called landlord. Any demand for compensation for damages by the tenant should be directed to the landlord directly.The contract is valid for the stipulated time, and people and / or pets for the same.

Responsibility: The description of the property was made in good faith and according to the information given by the landlord. It does not include responsibility on the leased property for reasons due to force majeure such as strike, war, earthquake, power cut, water cut and bad weather in the country. If for reasons of force majeure it is not possible to use the leased property and it is not possible to provide a replacement, liability is limited to the maximum value of the remaining lease payments.

Obligation of cooperation: The tenant is required to review the inventory of the property and in case of any defects must inform the owner within 24 hours of arrival so it can be repaired. Any other claim must also be reported to the owner immediately. Later claims will not be accepted. The tenant must treat the accommodation and its inventory with care and the property must be returned to the landlord clean and with the dishes washed. Bookings confirmed and payed with PayPal will be increased by 3%.



Due to a new provincial law in the Balearic Islands, the Ecotax must be applied to all rentals starting from the 1st of July 2016. Therefore all bookings will have an extra ecotax charge of 2 euros per person (over 16 year old) per day applied to the total amount. • if you are staying more than 7 days, the cost will be 0.50 cents per person / day from the eighth night. This is a legal requirement as according to the new Balearic regional government and we are legally obliged to charge clients and pass the relevant amount on to the tax office in accordance with the law.